Pete Moore

Pete Moore


Pete Moore's Bio

A little about me

  • Septuagenarian
  • Philanthropist
  • Fitness Enthusiast
  • Health Fanatic
  • Stroke & Prostate Challenges Survivor
  • Mentor
  • Anti Discrimination Proponent

My Favorite Mantras ...

"Every Day in Every Way God makes Everything Better and Better" I'm a Believer

"Shit Runs Downhill and Starts at the Top" © ... title of my book & Blog

'Get Back to Nature' by introducing Sustainable Organic Food Crops to both Domestic Growers and Farming Communities ... for Food Security ... for Improved Health

"Eat It To Beat It" Old Home Remedies & GreenAgric's Farmacy

"Nothing Worse than a Woman Scorned" ... my ex's

More Coming Soon ...

Pete Moore
Pete Moore